The most effective flat abs approach


Simple and effective natural methods

Comprehensive approach

Burns excess body fat

«Pretty much everyone wants tight toned abs.»


The most effective flat tummy approach


Simple and effective natural methods

Comprehensive approach

Burns excess body fat

«Pretty much everyone wants tight tummy.»

« По статистике 99% мужчин выбирают женщин с плоским животом. И это не их прихоть, они так запрограммированы: самка без живота - свободна. Для женщины - подтянутость мужчины - признак здоровья и силы. »

Regardless eating the right food and doing crunches regularly ...

Many people's waist lines are only growing year after year!!!

And, as a specialist in Chinese medicine, I can affirm, that crunches won't make your tummy flat. If you are 18 years old or over, especially if you had a child, it's not your fault, that you have a belly. 

There are underlying causes, that only specialists know about:

  • You might have a problem with digestions, you don't even know about.
  • Your spinal vertebras are misplaced
  • Your body architecture is crooked
  • Internal organs lowered 
  • Your hip joints are deformed 
  • Your flat tummy is covered with fat 

With these issues abs crunches won't work!

Want to get rid of belly once for all?

And surprise friends with your nice pictures?

A totally new unique program:

«flat TUMMY in 2 weeks»

  • Online course with experts' advice, one live webinar and one full-year community support. .

Most comprehensive program

 Lesson № 1
Understand your digestions issues

Easy step-by-step instructions on anti-bacterial program you can do at home

Lesson №2
Heal your gut

Stomach massage 

Healing herbs and supplements

Lesson № 3
Spinal stretch that puts your organs back into their places

Exercises for healthy spine 

Lesson № 4
Work with your hip joints and get rid of that apron-like flap

Exercises for hip joints 

Lesson № 5
Abs fortifying streching exersices 

Exercises that work on elasticity of your stomach muscles

these results could be YOURs

Want a flat tummy?

Choose a package that's right for you



Canadian dollars

All audio, video and PDF materials

Expert advice and one full-year community support

One live webinar

$ 100


Canadian dollars  

All audio, video and PDF materials 

Expert advice and one full-year community support

One live webinar


Fat-blasting Food List 

Regular Price $ 20 


Memory Card
"Healing With Water"

Regular Price $ 20 


"Balanced Nutrition for Health"
 from our expert 

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 program's author
irina cazazaeva

  • Author of effective weight management method 
  • Author of "Slim book" 
  • Lost 30 ponds without dieting or exhaustive exercises 
  • Recovered from eating disorders and depression
  • Maintains a slim healthy body for years
  • Naturotherapist/Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Health and wellness coach
  • Theta practitioner
  • Learned how to lose weight from Hollywood stars

We've tested this program on over 1000 people

Josephine, 68 y.o.

"When I started this course, I tried everything from diets to surgery to loose weight. I had diabetes and other health problems. I was very surprised that I didn't have to diet on Irina's weight loss program. And in my 1st week I lost 2 pounds. And then 3 pounds more and then I kept loosing weight until I reached the weight I had in my twenties. Bottom line I lost 60 pounds in 2 years. I am free of diabetes, healthy and full of energy."

Lena, 40 y.o.

"I gained 60 pounds of extra weight during my second pregnancy, because all I could eat was curbs and sweets. Right after I gave birth I lost 20 pounds, but 40 stayed. I tried stroller cardio, keto diet, intermittent fasting, fat-burning supplements. I would lose 10 pounds and then would gain 15... I got discouraged and then I purchased Irina's "Sexy Flat Abs" program. I started following the nutrition guidelines and do some exercises, which was surprisingly easy. Low and behold, I lost 40 pounds without much stress or starvation. I love the way I look and feel."

Alex, 51 y.o.

"My doctor was about to put me on high blood pressure medication. He told me I had to lose 30 pounds. I decided to try Irina's program. It was not very hard, I just had to stay away from certain foods and take some supplements. I lost 16 pounds in 1 month, my blood pressure and pulse are normal. I don't have to take any medication. I am actually going to continue with Irina's nutrition guidelines, because I like the extra energy they give me."

Lilly, 35 y. o.

"I lost 20 pounds in 3 months on Sexy Flat Abs". 

Anna 25 y. o. 

"I want to thank you for the program. I didn't really follow it right after I bought it. But then I gave it a try. In 3 days I lost 2 pounds. I think I am going to continue)))."